Starkey Potential StudentOur Admissions Department, led by one of our own Graduates, helps define career paths on a daily basis.  We are not for everyone seeking to enter the Private Service Profession.  Our standards are high; we believe: “When you succeed, Starkey succeeds, and when Starkey succeeds, so do our Graduates.”  Our Admissions Coordinator has a criminal justice background and works to assure that those that come to Starkey are serious students with a heart to serve.   Starkey seeks potential students who have a minimum of an AA Degree, are at least 26 years old, are leaders who possess a service heart, who bring to the table “real management” abilities, are computer savvy, and have multiple styles of communication and organizational abilities that meet the varied needs of our clientele.

All of our Graduates are expected to be able to manage other staff, be hands-on with the appropriate technical skills, have the right etiquette, and demonstrate people savvy and mature behavior to succeed in a variety of Private Service environments.  We hold your hand and help you to specifically define your individual career path, and to know that you are right for Service.