Unparalleled in Service Management

Starkey is a 30 year, world recognized brand known for our commitment to excellence and survival in our changing economy to provide a sophisticated education in the management, technical skills, and the placement of our 1,300 Graduates in private homes.  Starkey has always made meeting the expectations of the High-Net-Worth Employer our first objective.

Our full, 360 credit hour, eight week Household Management Program opens doors to those seeking to enter the unique world of Service Management in Private Service.  Starkey takes each student, provides a high quality of Household Service Education, and positions them to succeed.

  • We teach how to identify specific service expectations, customize, and set up a Service Management Plan in any Service Environment.
  • We position each student to fully understand themselves and how to succeed in the overall Service Management community in our Personal Statement Exercise.
  • We have developed and internationally patented multiple Service Management Tools unique to Private Service to bring a real management expertise to our Students and our Employer Clientele. (more…)

Placement and Consulting in Service

Administrative -  Household ManagementThe Placement process has become quite sophisticated at Starkey International.  Typically, within the domestic industry, a number of candidate resumes are forwarded to a potential client presuming that they know what they are looking for; and that they know how to choose the most appropriate person for the position.  These resumes list who the candidate has worked for, a position title and generally what they did.  Unfortunately, our industry is still in its infancy and operates without a standardization of position titles, duties, accepted practices, or required education or certifications.

We have learned over the years that a good deal of resume interpretation must take place to learn what candidates’ real abilities are and what they actually know.   Starkey has created unique evaluation tools that help us to sort this out.

Understandably, our employers can be challenged when hiring.  Some employers have had private staff in the past and are looking to upgrade or replace.  Others are new to Private Service and do not know the degree to which Household Management positions vary, how to evaluate the position’s level of difficulty, essential abilities, or how education and experience might position a candidate’s understanding of the profession.  A Candidate’s skills, attitude, etiquette, boundaries and ability to customize a written Service Plan are essential.


Private Service Titles & Positions

Private Service Titles & Positions

Terms and Titles continue to be challenging for the Private Service industry due to old cultural patterns of the profession. In addition, the lack of knowledge and management expectations of both the employers and employees continue to be difficult to navigate in Private Service. It’s also because the industry as a group has not been able to agree upon titles, as each position is unique. The main factors that contribute to salary are the difficulty factor of the position, the qualifications necessary for the position, the location and cost of living.

Service Management as an Expertise

The term “Service Management” has taken on new life with Starkey and has become a highly desired profession on the national and international stage. Much more comprehensive than Customer Service, it refers to one’s in-depth knowledge of and ability to successfully position service to succeed. Service Management focuses on meeting expectations, the Relationship of Service, sophisticated Service etiquette and Service as a professional expertise in any style or environment. It can apply to those performing Household Management, Concierge Services, Butlering or Senior Services. Service positions continue to grow in hospitality, private homes, concierge companies, private clubs and in senior communities. Salaries typically begin at $50,000 per year.


Wealth Bulletin News

Thanks to the Wealth Bulletin News for featuring Starkey International in a recent article.  Here is the excerpt of that article:

Denver-based Starkey International Institute for Household Management runs several training courses for aspiring butlers, or household management, as is the Starkey line. Starkey places mainly in the US, but has seen a burgeoning demand for household help from other countries.
Household managers are trained in every aspect of domestic etiquette, from ironing a pair of French cuffs to clipping a 1926 Pardona cigar. (more…)