Placement and Consulting in Service

Administrative -  Household ManagementThe Placement process has become quite sophisticated at Starkey International.  Typically, within the domestic industry, a number of candidate resumes are forwarded to a potential client presuming that they know what they are looking for; and that they know how to choose the most appropriate person for the position.  These resumes list who the candidate has worked for, a position title and generally what they did.  Unfortunately, our industry is still in its infancy and operates without a standardization of position titles, duties, accepted practices, or required education or certifications.

We have learned over the years that a good deal of resume interpretation must take place to learn what candidates’ real abilities are and what they actually know.   Starkey has created unique evaluation tools that help us to sort this out.

Understandably, our employers can be challenged when hiring.  Some employers have had private staff in the past and are looking to upgrade or replace.  Others are new to Private Service and do not know the degree to which Household Management positions vary, how to evaluate the position’s level of difficulty, essential abilities, or how education and experience might position a candidate’s understanding of the profession.  A Candidate’s skills, attitude, etiquette, boundaries and ability to customize a written Service Plan are essential.