Household Manager/Personal Assistant/ Santa Barbara Calif

Single mature woman seeks support for managing home, finding new home, and daily operations.  Good personality match essential

Live out, good salary.


Household Manager/ Houston, Texas

Busy couple just moved into new home.  Seeks an accomplished Household Manager to manage vendors, high attention to detail and on-going structural and seasonal updates

Top three standards, administrative, Entertaining, and Maintenance.  7,000 sq ft on 1 landscaped acre.  Live out, excellent salary.

AB – 2014

Certified Household/Estate Manager

I was born in a small town in the far Northern part of Namibia, Africa. I am the older of two children; my sister is four years younger. We were raised Christian and our values were enforced from a young age.  The greatest lesson we were taught is that when you give someone your word, you keep it. My father was the Vice Principal of a Technical College with mainly Oshiwambo students. My mother was the secretary to the Administrator of the region.

At age seven, we moved to Windhoek, the capitol of Namibia, where my father started his career in politics. Life changed dramatically for me. Since he was a public figure and in the spotlight constantly, we were taught proper etiquette and how to conduct ourselves at functions with our parents, both formal and informal.  We often had cabinet ministers and dignitaries in our home, and acting accordingly was expected at all times. I traveled the country with my father for public meetings and could stand my ground talking politics at age eleven. We attended numerous functions at the Major of Windhoek’s house as well as the Administrator General of Namibia’s State House.

I was raised in the city and worked on the family farm during vacations where I was taught to respect nature and life. Life on the farm was very informal, but with structure and schedules for everyday tasks that taught me a strong work ethic. I was taught multiple maintenance skills needed for the upkeep of the homestead and property and grounds including minor electrical work, plumbing and basic construction. Spending time on the farm afforded me the opportunity to learn how to hunt and fish alongside my father.

After school, I studied Business Management and pursued a career in the corporate world working for various prominent companies in positions which honed my administrative skills. During my time at these companies, I was promoted quickly into managerial roles and put in charge of large projects.  This included a large catering company where I was in charge of major functions and delivery to groups and organizations serving more than 50,000 people.  In this capacity, I was working with people in a variety of cultural backgrounds, honing my communication and time management skills, and gaining experience in the development of budgets and personnel.  Working in this environment, I developed a level of respect and admiration for service jobs and an understanding of how supporting and mentoring others can help my individual growth as well as the growth of the entire team.

My corporate work continued for a number of years, requiring me to further develop my business acumen.  I was responsible for developing strategies and business plans, setting key performance objectives, budgets, and implementing a variety of policies.  I had the unique opportunity to work with experts within the auto industry in this role, and many of the policies that I created and implemented became industry standards in Namibia.  My experience with automobiles was developed during this time as well.  As the Assistant to the President of the motor holdings company, I had a hands-on role in preparing used autos for resale.  This included maintenance, detailing, and aesthetic work.  I also negotiated contracts with vendors Personal Statement (continued):

and suppliers and maintained inventories.  My innovation was called upon on numerous occasions to increase the profitability of this department.

In 2004, I started my Tour/Safari business from nothing, doing tours in Southern African Countries. The business began through word of mouth referrals and networking.  Though I am often regarded as being soft-spoken, I take great pride in my ability to connect with others and this was evident in the growth of my business over just a few short years.  I had to negotiate rates and contracts with accommodation establishments and vendors, train tour guides and give premier service to my clients, ensuring that their every need and want was met. Most of my clients were high net worth families and catering to their individual needs and making a difference in their lives provided a great deal of satisfaction. I quickly established myself as one of the preferred tour companies for various travel agencies.  As the owner of a small company, I was responsible for the hiring, training, and mentorship of my staff.  I was also fully responsible for the maintenance, records, and general upkeep of all tour vehicles, including scheduling maintenance and negotiating contracts with vendors.

In 2012, I decided to make a life changing decision and move the United States. My experience in the Tour/Safari business opened my eyes to the niche market working for high profile families within the service industry and I wanted to focus my career more specifically on serving one family. Coming to the US afforded me the opportunity to better myself through an elite education and allowed me to gain experience to help me grow in both my skills and aspirations.  I honed my skills through Starkey International Institute as well as the certification program with Executive Security International.

I worked in a variety of positions in the Private Service industry, including being a licensed Chauffeur and being part of a security team for a high profile litigator in the Denver area. I have found that being of service in a variety of capacities has been a truly rewarding experience and that my training at Starkey International has allowed me to see that having a true service heart is what enables me to perform above and beyond the expectations of my Principals. I have learned to be supportive and flexible in working with others and being an asset to their lives.  I understand the meaning of hard work and take great satisfaction in providing a very high level of service to those I support.

My strengths include being highly structured and task driven, the ability to remain calm under pressure, an eye for detail, and a flexible management style utilizing strategic problem solving skills. I am grounded, calm, and gracious with a very methodical approach to my work.  I have been exposed to people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds and this has given me knowledge and perspective and made me extremely respectful of people from all walks of life.  I am innovative and entrepreneurial with good business sense and a global perspective.  I enjoy implementing my diverse knowledge and experience in the world of Private Service.

My top four Service Standards are Administration, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Safety & Security.

Administration – I have experience managing and developing household budgets as well as managing staff and personal schedules. I know how to negotiate service rates with vendors and can monitor budgets set for maintenance and renovations. My ability to maintain and organize records, keep up on inventories and my technology skills will keep the household running like clockwork.  I have the ability to manage a family office, staff and personnel.  This includes financial aspects of philanthropic and political contributions as well as personal and social calendar management and implementation.  I have good time management skills and am able to support the Principal and/or businessI have expertise in the correspondence and facilitation of meetings with political leaders and other high profile people.  I am proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, social media and smart home systems.

Housekeeping – I am very detail-oriented when it comes to cleaning and having everything in its place. I grew up in a household that had very high standards, especially regarding cleanliness. I have developed and managed cleaning services – interviewing and identifying reputable services, managing invoicing and payments, and scheduling activities so that they don’t interfere with the Principal’s schedule.  I have knowledge and experience in taking care of high end art work and other collectables.  I have educated staff on housekeeping standards and can zone a home for cleaning as well as creating customized task sheets.  I am knowledgeable of specific cleaning products and proper care of the interior of the house.

Maintenance – I am competent in all the basic maintenance skills needed for the upkeep of the home and property including minor electrical, plumbing, basic construction, laying tiles and the like. I have the knowledge of planning and construction of both new homes and home improvements. This comes from my experience in developing design and implementing construction of several homes while living in Africa.  I know how to perform preventive maintenance to ensure that small problems do not become major crises.  I have supervised and trained household staff on the upkeep of the property, both indoors and outdoors. I am comfortable working with staff to prepare homes for the Principal’s arrival. I am skilled at being able to foresee challenges and implement strategies to solve problems before the occur.  I am continually thinking about what needs to happen not just today and tomorrow but 6 months and 1 year down the road.

Security & Safety – My training and experience in Executive Protection allows me to keep my Principals safe on a domestic and international level. I know how to respond to emergency situations and can provide a level of support that will bring a sense of comfort and ease both in the home and while traveling.  I am vigilant in my work and continually take in information to be adaptable in all situations.  I support the development and implementation of up to the minute travel itineraries – making recommendations and changes as needed.

Technical Skill Synopsis:


  • Experienced in staffing, interviewing and training staff
  • Do reference and background checks
  • Creation of budgets & accounting for the household
  • Administrative Management of Foundation work (contributions to philanthropic organizations, political contributions, etc.)
  • Comfortable with vendors, negotiating rates, getting references, management of vendors
  • Coordination with family office and extended family members for the proper care and support of Principal
  • Computer literate; Internet, Google, e-mail, apps
  • Filing household documentation in chronological order
  • Inventory & purchasing of cleaning materials
  • Trained in the Starkey Household Management System
  • Able to keep detailed maintenance records & warranties of equipment
  • Concierge support, making reservations, developing itineraries
  • Management and maintenance of family office


  • Able to zone a house & create customized task sheets for cleaning
  • Creates cleaning schedules when a specific area of use needs to be cleaned
  • Adept at scheduling cleaning activities so that they don’t interfere with the principals schedule
  • Able to train staff  how to clean and the method and tools to be used
  • Knowledge of fine art and collectibles


  • Able to do basic food preparation, preparing salads and meat courses including fish dishes
  • Knowledgeable of food safety standards
  • Certified Level 1 Sommelier
  • Able to follow recipes
  • Ability to adapt and develop meals to meet dietary requirements and preferences
  • Continue to grow my culinary skills through technical courses at culinary school in Denver including wine pairing, development of meals and plating

Clothing & Valet:

  • Knowledge of shoe polishing, leather care, spot removal, laundry, and ironing
  • Capable of closet organization and seasonal rotation of wardrobe
  • Packing and unpacking for business and leisure travel
  • Support of Principal’s travel requirements – understanding and foreseeing needs during travel
  • Working with Principal’s personal shopper for latest trends and fashion
  • Knowledge of storage and maintenance requirements for high end clothing


  • Event and menu coordination using the Starkey Event Planner and incorporating flavor profiles and preferences
  • Management of catering staff for large events
  • Planning of events: exotic destination wedding planning and receptions
  • Trained in American plated, French, Russian and English styles of serving
  • Formal dinner service and setup (coordination and training of staff and outside personnel)

Grounds & Property:

  • Basic property maintenance and upkeep
  • Pool and pool house upkeep
  • Lighting: replace bulbs general upkeep
  • Replacement and maintenance of Principal’s vehicles including servicing, cleaning and performing minor repairs and oil changes for daily use and recreational vehicles
  • Irrigation system maintenance and layout of the system
  • Jacuzzi upkeep and cleaning of filters, testing water pH level of the Jacuzzi
  • Lawn & garden care, feeding procedures for lawns and flower beds based on the season
  • Fence repair upkeep and fixing of fences
  • General Ranch maintenance and management


  • Capable of managing and supervising support vendors
  • Can create a catalogue of warranties, manuals and how to care system
  • Can develop and implement a maintenance management system
  • Care of  large appliances
  • Knowledgeable of maintenance standards of home / estate
  • Basic estate or household maintenance including minor repairs for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical
  • Experienced in the building and/or remodeling of multiple homes including budgets and vendor management

Security & Safety:

  • Certified protection specialist, bodyguard
  • Knowledgeable of audio/visual systems and gates
  • Trained chauffeur; etiquette and emergency responses to situations
  • Police / Fire Department relationships
  • Able to set-up a safe room in the residence with all amenities to live in the space for a long period of time
  • Disaster Management; trained by FEMA to manage natural disaster sites
  • CPR  and Defibrillator Certified
  • Self Defense Certified Through Executive Protection Training
  • Weapons handling: Certified through Executive Protection Training
  • Fire Extinguishers trained by FEMA
  • Can prepare an overall Security Plan for an Estate, identifying areas of concern and procedures for all Security staff
  • Trained in protective evasive driving

Transportation & Travel:

  • Keep detailed records of licensing, insurance and registration documents
  • Adept at keeping track of auto maintenance and detailing schedules
  • Experienced in making travel arrangements, Airport Pick-up preferences
  • Chauffeur experience for Principal and guests
  • Familiar with recreation and other sport vehicles
  • Guiding Southern Africa Safaris

    Personal Care:

    Child Care:

    • School activities, driving children to and from activities
    • Comfortable with school age children

    Guest care:

    • Daily schedule and arranging itineraries for visiting guests
    • Concierge support
    • High Profile, entourage
    • Security standards, receiving mail on behalf of guests, chauffeuring guests to and from airports and functions

    Pet Care:

    • Discipline and basic training of dogs
    • Comfortable with daily activities, walking, feeding
    • Overnight pet care and coordination of pet services including grooming, vet, and trainer

    KE – 2021

    Certified Household/Estate Manager

    I was born and raised in Nicaragua, Central America. I am the third child of 7; my two older brothers were separated from our family when I was 10. Ever since, I took the role of the oldest child. I grew up Catholic and attended Catholic School. My parents always taught us the importance of values, moral and ethics. They constantly told us to do the right thing and be responsible of our actions. The value of integrity is an inherent part of who I am.

    My Grandfather was an elementary school teacher, my grandmother was a homemaker. My Father was a teacher too and my mother was a nurse. My mom is a wonderful woman, she always worked hard. My parents are still alive relatively healthy. We grew up in a small home, in a middle of a Civil War, that last 10 years, where the communist system was established. From young age I learned to do everything in the house, cook, clean, laundry, childcare, manage my family household budget. My parents were always working a lot, I knew I had to step in and help. I took full charge of running my home, from parenting my siblings, shopping groceries, paying the bills, and attending the parent school meeting of my young brothers and sisters. These experiences of life have taught me to be responsible, work hard for those I love, be a role model and make decision; and to earn what I have. My philosophy is that we are responsible for ourselves and our family, not the Government, not the Church, not the civil society, only we are.

    In 2004, I was forced to come to this Magnificent Country, because the financial situation of my family. The first work I found was housekeeping, and the little I did know, I found myself on the Services Path. I enjoy what I do! I feel great pleasure in giving and serving. Serving has been part of my life, my journey.

    I. I place a high value on professional and personal growth. I am a hard worker, have a strong sense of professionalism, integrity, responsibility, excellence, and am a self-starter. I can work independently as well as be part of a team. My main goal in each position is fulfil my Principal’s needs, uphold their standards and their lifestyle. While in the past I have primarily lived in the south, and in my home county of Nicaragua, I prefer an environment where I am able to experience the four seasons. I find myself no longer wanting the intense heat of the South or Florida. I am single, never married, no children or pets. I love reading and enjoy my own company. I appreciate you taking time to review my credentials and I recently graduated from Starkey International Institute with a Certificate in Advanced Household Management. As part of my professional growth, I am honoured to pursue a career as a Household Manager. Although I have never held before a formal title position of Household Manager, I have performed all of the duties and upheld the responsibilities. I have 4 years as an Assistant Manager, 15 years as a Housekeeper of fine homes, working in Bal
    Harbour, Wellington, and West Palm Beach, F would like to thank you for your consideration.

    Administrative: Through my formal education and experience in the field, I have gained administrative skill. I have learned that be organized, planning your job or activities, or a simple to do list, effective communication with your employer or co-workers, Teamwork, problem solving skill, self-direction, costumer services, work ethic, sense of urgency, responsibility to complete the job on time and in quality manner, are crucial skills to have a home running smoothly and efficiently. Without this skill you cannot have a home running successfully. Even in my personal life I applied these principles, I cannot live without a Planner (agenda). I am the oldest child. My parent always pushed me harder and had high expectations from me. As the oldest child, you learn a sense of responsibility and leadership to protect your siblings and be an example for them.  Since a young age I always had big responsibilities to manage my parent house and to be involved in raising my brothers’ sisters. I discovered I liked being in charge, directing, delegating, searching for solutions, negotiating, and communicating etc. My formal education and my work experience have polished these talents.

    Housekeeping: In my personal and humble opinion, housekeeping tasks are the heart of all services in a home, because it creates a clean and organized environment. Since I was a little girl, I always liked to clean and organize. I think it makes one’s life easier. Since a came to this country I have been working and cleaning in houses, and later managing one house. There is a psychological study that proves that a cleaning and organized environment changes the mood in a person. It is always important to have in mind that everyone has their own different concepts of cleaning. Since I was little, I enjoy cleaning and organizing. I was always taking the initiative to clean and organize my parents’ house, without them asking me. And working for all these families and houses, through all this year I have learned more about the art of high-end housekeeping. The way you clean a 35,000 home is totally different from the way you clean a 12,000 sq. ft. home.

    Clothing: Cloth is an important part of your personal image, how you dress or present yourself, could define your personality. There is a famous phrase: People will judge you for how you dress and how you present yourself. I love clothes, shoes, the casual, the classic, elegant, simple, not too much with the trendy. Through all this time working for different families, I have learned a lot about clothing, fine fabrics, and designers. How to take care of them, from washing, hand washing, spot treatment, and meticulous organization of closets. I always had a strong interest for clothing, shoes, garments and accessories, hats, belts, scarfs, and fashion etc. My Mom always said that I must match my shoes, and belts with my handbags, and I always must look presentable. She taught me how to do simple mending, sewing buttons, etc. Of course, my workplace has been a true school and lab to perfecting my clothing skills. protect your siblings and be an example for them. Since young age I always had big

    Technical Skill Synopsis:


    • Able to set up a customized Service Management Plan
    • Familiar with the use of PC, word, excel
    • Organizing and Planning the daily activities
    • Planning the weekly schedules
    • Communicating and reporting
    • Filing and document all receipts and invoices
    • Managing and communicating with vendor
    • Answering phone and taking massage
    • Creating task sheets for the staff
    • Delegating and supervising staff


    • Zoning or designating areas for weekly cleaning, a customized Plan
    • Clean and organize through the entire house
    • Care of antiques, and art
    • Able to clean different surfaces: Natural stone, marble, lime stone, onyx, wood, fine rugs,

      wool and silk rugs

    • Able to clean and polish fine metal: Silver, copper, brass
    • Able to care of shoes and leathers items
    • Bed-making and turn down service


    • Able to cook vegan food, and keto diet
    • Comfortable to make simple meals
    • Able to fallow recipes
    • Grill chicken
    • Able to roast and steam vegetables
    • Able to make gluten free bread
    • Able to cook vegan food from scratch
    • Able to make vegan soups
    • Enjoy coking Healthy whole food

      Clothing & Valet

    • Understand how to care for the different types of fabrics
    • Laundering and Ironing clothes
    • Folding and ironing sheets
    • Able to treat stains.
    • Rotation of clothing for seasonal storage.
    • Able to organize closets.
    • Able to pack and unpack.
    • I have personal interest in clothing and fashion.


    • Comfortable in setting up an entertainment plan
    • Able to set a Formal table
    • Able to make simple flower arrangements
    • Able to serve at formal and casual table
    • Able to care fine china, crystal and silver and linens

      Property & Grounds

    • Able to maintain outdoor structures/facilities
    • Able to set right temperatures for pool and Jacuzzi
    •   Able to control the outdoor sound system


    • Able to manage Smart Home System
    • Able to change light bulbs and AC filters
    • Able to keep a log and schedule regular preventive maintenance services
    • Able to keep all vendor information accessible

      Travel & Transportation

    • Comfortable driving the family
    • Coordinate maintenance of vehicle and services

      Security & Protection

    • CPR certified
    • Performed security check through the home.

      Personal Care:


    • Experience caring for children ages new born to teens
    • Understand children and their needs
    • Potty training


    • Able to care for guests with the same standards of Principals
    • Experience working in home with frequent Guests.
    • Guest management knowledge (Guest Profile, likes, dislikes, tourism services)

    Concierge services offered


    • Able to feed and care for pets
    • Supervise medical care
    • Management of pet allergensElder
    • Feel comfortable caring for elders
    • Natural compassion for elders
    • Comfortable providing medication to elders
    • Able assisting with essential hygiene and basic daily functions



    Certified Household Manager

    I grew up in a large family with four siblings, a career military father, 20 years as a Senior Master Sargent in the Air Force and a gentle Southern mother who always took care of us. Although my parents are deceased, their legacy of instilling strong character, integrity and an incomparable work ethic have contributed to success in every facet of my work and private life. While I consider Michigan my home, I have lived all over the world, and regularly communicate with my siblings to discuss family issues and catch up as friends. Early on, I worked in the mortgage business; I reported to three company vice presidents and was responsible for the management of their sizable loan portfolio.

    Direction of support staff through effective communication, along with strong organizational skills and attention to detail, helped our team achieve our goals. These organizational skills and the fastidious nature of my personality have been the key to my success in the world of business, which has ultimately translated to my success in managing households. Growing up, military service was my way of life; now as an adult, Household Management service is my way of life.

    As my career in Private Service has evolved, so has my family. I cherish my time with my wife and children, and am fortunate that my wife is able to stay home with our children to provide a loving, nurturing environment for them. Quality of life is very important to me, both in supporting my Principal’s quality of life, as well as having quality time with my family when possible.

    I have been employed both as a Household Manager and as an Estate Manager. What matters the most to me is being entrusted as a leader to support the lifestyle and holdings of a Principal. Through all of these positions, I have preferred to keep a hands-on approach with my Principals and other employees though my strongest skills are my administrative with a keen eye for functional logistics. I have assisted in all facets of management, from working with vendors to supporting a variety of household staff. When asked to take on additional responsibilities, I view the challenge with enthusiasm; I always rise to the occasion and make sure I live up to or exceed the expected standards.

    Earning my Household Management Certification at Starkey International allowed me to more clearly identify the strengths I possess and also acted as a conduit, directing me to a specific career in private service. When I think about what brings me the most satisfaction in this career, serving people’s needs always comes to the forefront of my mind. I greatly enjoy being in a position that allows the utilization of my organizational skills and attention to detail, leading staff and taking that extra step to anticipate needs and make a difference for my employer.

    My top Service Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Transportation and Travel

    Administrative I am highly adept at organizing office files, paying bills, developing and resourcing good employees and vendors and supporting daily household operations. Keeping an overall household calendar for all daily, weekly and seasonal Housekeeping, Maintenance and Property & Grounds needs is an area where I also excel. My previous Principal used to call me their CFO, as I was responsible for not just the household budget, but the overall estate and some business accounts as well. I do well with electronic communication, and I am experienced with caring for valuables, such as furniture and artwork.

    Housekeeping I have always enjoyed living and working in a very clean and organized environment. I feel a sense of immediate satisfaction seeing a space go from messy or unorganized to clean and orderly. Because of my hands-on nature, there is no task too large or too small for me to tackle. I am comfortable training staff and upholding standards throughout the home, as well as completing cleaning tasks myself. I have learned that developing customized zoning and task sheets immediately raises standards within a home.

    Maintenance I consider myself to be a “Jack of all trades” and capable of problem solving in a variety of situations. I have performed basic maintenance tasks in all of my positions, as well as in my own home. My maintenance skills have been honed over the years while maintaining large estates and properties both through hands-on tasks as well as managing as many as 75 vendors on a consistent basis. Implementing task sheets and maintenance schedules has become second nature to me, and I enjoy seeing projects through from conception to completion. During one of my positions, I helped develop an entire Maintenance Matrix covering all engineering and care needs for our property and grounds.

    Transportation and Travel I take great satisfaction in helping my Principals get from Point A to Point B, whether by car, plane or boat. I’ve helped orchestrate the purchases and sales of private planes and yachts. This means I have experience with dealing with plane and yacht insurance premiums and policies, in addition to making arrangements with private pilots and charters. In addition, as I have lived all over the world, I have made international travel itineraries for my Principals, including lodging and entertainment. I am also well-versed in purchasing automobiles and taking care of all maintenance and insurance needs.

    Technical Skill Synopsis:


    •   Direct and interact with staff to communicate standards of estate
    •   Perform all HR Duties relating to staffing of estate staff (hire-extensive background, criminal, credit and drug test, termination, payroll, annual reviews) benefits administration
    •   Select and manage benefits for yacht crew
    •   Administrator for yacht and airplane entities
    •   Manage all aspects of personal, property and business insurance for Principals and LLCs
    •   Update insurance coverage as needed
    •   Maintain inventory of all jewelry, silver and artwork purchases
    •   Schedule and oversee extensive list of vendors
    •   Act as liaison between builder and principals during large scale construction project
    •   Work with attorneys, accountants and financial advisor team as needed
    •   Assess and purchase all provisions for estate.
    •   Process all mail, review all personal and LLCs invoices for payment
    •   Manage all personal and business bank accounts
    •   Update household management manual/task sheets as needed
    •   Responsible for appropriation of funds for all operating expenses
    •   Arrange movement of capital as needed
    •   Manage annual foundation donations
    •   Created and managed Household Management Manual and task sheets for all positions, to ensure accountability and consistency with service delivery on estate.
    •   Conducted weekly staff meetings to address service delivery challenges and status of all maintenance and projects
    •   Schedule all household vendor appointments
    •   Maintained inventory of all household supplies and personal items for the principals.


    •   Created customized zoning for cleaning of multiple properties
    •   Provided Housekeeping staff with task sheets identifying morning and evening daily graces, specific supplies to be used and frequency of cleaning for each zone
    •   Research and implement most effective means of maintaining collections in home
    •   Purchase all cleaning products/tools and monitor efficacy, revise as needed
    •   Regularly review housekeeping “diary” of completed task sheets and do zone “walk” to ensure that all standards and preferences are being maintained.
    •   Hands-on performed “Daily Graces” to restore order, and house cleaning in the absence of the house cleaner.
    •   Maintained inventory of bedding/clothing items sent for cleaning and repair.


    •   Created extensive “in residence” and “returning to home” grocery shopping list
    •   Assess and monitor changing food preferences to be communicated to chef
    •   Monitor standards of cleanliness of kitchen and all utensils
    •   Interact with healthcare advocate and chef to assist Principals with implementing changes in diet as recommended.
    •   Assist chef in maintaining “specialty” item food inventory and rotation of fresh foods.
    •   Purchase/maintain culinary equipment as needed.
    •   Worked with Principal to create and implement a weekly menu and efficient shopping practices with chef
    •   Request special dietary needs of guests at home and on yacht to be communicated to chef
    •   Presented “light” menu for evening/post work late night meals
    •   Completed internet research to source healthy, appealing food for weekly menu presentation for approval by principals.
    •   Shopped for fresh, quality food for dinner preparation M-F for family.
    •   Prepared, and served food, cocktails, and wine for special events, holidays.
    •   Assisted with management of extensive wine inventory.

    Clothing & Valet:

    •   Creative at packing for short and lengthy trips
    •   Understands fabric and seasonal wardrobe changes.
    •   Skilled at basic “short order” repairs
    •   Experienced with basic laundry, resourceful with spot removal and dry-cleaning direction.
    •   Organized and maintained Principals’ dressing room and extensive clothing shoe collection based on color, fabric and designer.
    •   Enjoy and am comfortable with fashion style from traditional, modern to formal elegance.
    •   Experienced in creating a desired “look” for the occasion. Entertaining:
    •   Trained in formal dinner service
    •   Assist the Principal in planning events ranging from large party with live entertainment, videographer, dinner service, educational-catered luncheons and small “intimate’ themed yacht parties.
    •   Work with Principal in making event menu, floral and entertainment selections.
    •   Maintain record of all entertainment details-guest lists, menu selections; vendors chosen, attire, program and all billing invoices
    •   Assist all overnight guests with ground transportation and overnight accommodation while attending events
    •   Provide support to chef with order and inventory management of all household wine
    •   Act as master of ceremonies and serve at events upon request
    •   Served cocktails and appetizers for poolside gatherings.

    Grounds & Property:

    •   Schedule and attend all meetings with Landscape Horticulturist and Principal to have consistent scope of all projects
    •   Contributed to extensive written, structure and grounds hurricane protocol manual
    •   Worked with liaison to create all physical structure maintenance task sheets
    •   Review garden and maintenance diary to ensure standard compliance
    •   Schedule and direct all outdoor service vendors as needed
    •   Maintain date/time log for all vendors on property
    •   Worked closely with Landscape Designer Maintenance Team on scheduled plantings and ongoing maintenance to achieve a manicured appearance of the estate.
    •   Scheduled and supervised the logistics of a lengthy yard fire table seating area project
    •   Worked with an international sculptor to communicate images and desires of Principal related to the purchase of sculptures for the estate.
    •   Scheduled all interior and exterior maintenance for the main estate and 2nd home.
    •   Requested bids for all ongoing maintenance and special projects for the Principal’s review.
    •   Provided a “Daily Recap” of all maintenance and ongoing projects on the estate. 


    •   Responsible for cleanliness and scheduling of maintenance/service for all vehicles
    •   Document all maintenance and expense of all vehicles on excel spreadsheet
    •   Work with liaison to monitor all maintenance through creation and utilization of task sheets: HVAC, electrical, water filtration system, pool
    •   Select, schedule appointments and manage service vendors for repairs on appliances, personal devices and all structural elements on estate
    •   Seek multiple bids for maintenance/repairs on large scale projects
    •   Communicate with Principals regarding maintenance repairs on personal use boats
    •   Performed basic maintenance tasks as needed

    Transportation & Travel:

    •   Assist Principal with selection of new vehicles
    •   Manage maintenance and cleanliness of all personal use vehicles
    •   Negotiate; finalize purchase and appropriate funds necessary to complete purchases
    •   Communicate with necessary personnel to schedule use of yacht and airplane
    •   Arrange all travel specifics-dates of private jet use, departure/arrival times, ground transportation (rental or hired driver-car), hotel and restaurant reservations, maps, local attractions, pertinent contact information and medical advocate/family/friend notification
    •   Assisted EA with the management of daily drivers, an extensive collection of “Exotic” cars, motorcycles, a ski boat, and personal watercraft. 

    Safety and Protection:

    •   Co-wrote hurricane emergency plan, clearly outlining all employees’ responsibilities
    •   Created task sheets incorporating fence, gate, alarm checks into daily graces
    •   Trained staff on alarm/emergency protocol
    •   Monitor alarm system, functionality of gates and cameras
    •   Designated as 1st to respond on security monitoring call list
    •   Assign individual alarm entry codes to identify entry/exit in secured structures
    •   Adhere to Principal’s requirement of maintaining a 2 gate barrier between security dogs and staff or vendors
    •   All employment applicants undergo an extensive criminal and credit background check and drug screen
    •   Require a signed Confidentiality Notice of all employees
    •   Resource for the understanding of the protection that comes with implementation of adherence to strict personal boundaries.
    •   Maintain heightened awareness of security on or off the estate
    •   Worked closely with security monitoring company to implement solutions to system failures and new technology as needed.

    Personal Care:

    Child Care:

    •   Provided supervision in lieu of nanny or parents
    •   Managed social calendars including school activities and events
    •   Provided transportation to and from activities 

    Pet Care:

    •   Managed care of 5 large breed guard dogs
    •   Created care, feeding and medication schedules to be used by supporting staff members
    •   Performed regular validation of care by review of schedules and post vert visit records.
    •   Ordered/maintained inventory of care supplies.
    •   Transported family dog to and from weekly grooming appointment.
    •   Interacted with vet for care of dog as needed. 

    Guest Care:

    •   Attended to personal needs
    •   Provided for all required amenities and supplies prior to guest arrival
    •   Provided transportation to and from airport and surrounding attractions
    •   Created detailed itineraries
    •   Prepared meals based on dietary restrictions and preference.
    •   Ran errands for special needs & requests. 

    Elder Care:

    •   Acted as shopping companion
    •   Par inventory for all medications
    •   Interacted with medical advocate team and health care providers
    •   Scheduled all appointments with doctors, specialists, physical therapists, etc.
    •   Assisted Principal’s Parents with packing of family home to assist with the move to new a property.


    Certified Household Manager/Concierge

    I was born in Aberdeen, WA. My father was in the United States Coast Guard and he moved our family across the country several times. When I was six we moved to our forever home in the charming southern town of Charleston, South Carolina. My mother worked full time and my father was underway on the ship the majority of the year. So, my two older sisters and I learned to take care of ourselves from a very young age. We were responsible for our own chores with little guidance including laundry, cleaning our rooms, and cooking. I was very independent as a result of these early responsibilities.

    We were raised in the Catholic Church and were involved with church and community events as often as possible. We often helped at charity events, holiday volunteer events, spaghetti dinners, and wrapping presents for the less fortunate in our community. I always had fun helping at these events, and looking back, I believe this is where my Service Heart was first realized.

    Realizing I wanted to be in the service industry didn't come as a surprise. Even as a child, I always did my chores and wanted to help others. I wanted to make sure that my mom didn’t have to worry or stress about housework when she got home from working long days. I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time, but I knew that it made me happy to help her and to try to make her happy.

    My parents divorced when I was 13 and my father moved back to Washington state. I struggled after their divorce but eventually decided to truly invest in my future and my love of helping others. I attended the College of Charleston and got my Masters degree in Education, thinking I wanted to be a school teacher.

    After college, I was craving adventure and chose to deliver sailboats as a way of traveling and exploring the world around me. During one trip, I spent a great deal of time reflecting on what made me happiest, and I discovered that the open ocean and making people happy ultimately made me happy. It was in that moment that I decided I wanted to work in Private Service, and that yachting would be the perfect blend of ocean and service. I returned to the Miami area and quickly found a position onboard a yacht as a Stewardess. Over the course of three years, I advanced in positions within the yachting world and I fell in love with the art of serving others onboard yachts. It was humbling working for some of the most amazing families chartering our yachts. I could present a spotless, clean, comfortable environment and they were so all pleased. The captains and the first mates were able to take the guests to the most exotic and incredibly beautiful places around the islands. The chefs and I were able to treat the guests with the most delectable meals with world class service. Their reactions to our efforts absolutely proved to me that there is real love in this world.

    Being able to present a comfortable space for others is a special gift. Taking care of others is definitely ingrained into my soul. The lessons I learned early on about taking care of those less fortunate have stayed with me and I am proud that I am able to volunteer with my local food bank and charity events. I have found that love is the common denominator throughout all cultures, and this gives me hope. I know that this world, these people, all of the lessons I’ve learned were all here to teach me to care for others. I’ve taken care of children, provided housekeeping of entire homes, and recently cared for elder adults. It’s all laid out and I simply need to follow my heart and it has brought me this far. I am now seeking a genuine relationship where I can be a true “go-to” person and directly impact the lives of those I serve. I want to be in another land-based position where I can develop relationships with those around me and the local community. My family is now in Raleigh and I choose to be near them. I am excellent at multitasking, with managing the daily operations of more than one home, being a task master with vendors, yet loving with children. I am seeking consistency and a position where I know I am appreciated for my efforts as my positive attitude and caring is always present!

    My top Service Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping, Culinary, Entertaining, and Travel & Transportation.

    Administrative – My love for learning began very early and flourished throughout college. My organizational skills, computer literacy, time management, and leadership skills grew to new heights. I am a quick learner and know I have room for growth. Being innovative and integrative is extremely useful when I'm charged with new requests. I have a great deal of experience with inventories, record keeping, and managing accounts. Data entry, file management, and calendar management are all very comfortable arenas for me. I am incredibly resourceful, organized, and a quick learner with new systems and processes.

    Housekeeping – Throughout my childhood, my sisters and I took care of the home. Coming from a military family, I was taught at a young age how to keep a tidy home. Housekeeping has been ingrained in me and I have been utilizing these skills over the years and most recently as a private yacht stewardess. I have been managing several hundred foot vessels, maintaining the interior, providing guest services, and single-handedly executing all aspects of service. I have a very well developed eye for detail and strive for “white glove” standards of cleanliness in my personal environments and can easily implement these standards for a family, if they so desire.

    Culinary – I began cooking at a very young age and was initially taught by my mother how to cook. Throughout college, living on my own, I developed a love of food and continually learned new techniques and mastered new recipes. While working onboard yachts, I was tasked with helping the chef and learned many techniques and styles of cooking that were unique to life at sea. Food has always been a passion, and I truly enjoy creating delicious meals for my friends and family. Growing up in the south, food is a way of life!

    Entertaining – having a strong background in hospitality onboard yachts has built a proper foundation to deliver excellent entertainment events from beginning to end. I have experience with all types of service, ranging from informal to fully formal. I have spent time in locally- owned restaurants in Charleston, SC, both in the front of the house and cooking, as well, in the kitchen. I have worked with catering companies as well. My experience with event planning and entertaining include scheduling events, interviewing and hiring vendors, planning weddings, menu planning and execution, bartending, and booking talent for events.

    Travel & Transportation – I am very well-traveled within the United States, coast to coast. I have also spent several years in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Being a Chief stewardess cruising these areas on private and charter yachts, I was able to offer exquisite concierge services to my guests, up to ten people on each trip. Being able to plan and anticipate their needs is something I can do extremely well. I am well-versed in the travel requirements of international destinations, as well as providing land-based options for guests when we were in port. My experience onboard yachts has given me a unique understanding of luxury travel that can easily be adapted to other modalities for a family.

    Technical Skill Synopsis:


    • Reception, screening calls, making reservations, and managing calendars
    • Creating a detailed Household Management Service Delivery System using the patented Starkey Service Management System
    • Managing accounts and budgets
    • Record keeping and maintenance logs
    • Creating and updating inventories
    • Managing vendors and keeping logs
    • Interviewing and hiring staff
    • Tech savvy and Macintosh based
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
    • Creating a Service Plan per Starkey training and customizing it to a home



    • Implementing a customized Starkey Housekeeping Management System including
      zoning and task sheets
    • Natural and organic products knowledge base
    • Care for fine linens and sheets
    • Highly systematic organizational skills
    • Detail cleaning
    • Delicate cleaning of chandeliers
    • Carpet cleaning including spot removal and fine rug care
    • Eye for detail and “white glove” standards
    • Performs hands-on cleaning, no job too big or too small
    • Performs Daily Graces to bring a home back in order


    • Personally enjoy cooking and baking
    • Comfortable preparing breakfast and lunch
    • Considered family cook level
    • Experience as a cook in high volume restaurants
    • Room and tray service
    • Menu planning including buffets and special events
    • Experience working with caterers and chefs to support the delivery high-end meals
    • Food safety and handling training
    • Menu planning in conjunction with a chef, accounting for dietary restrictions and
    • Purchasing of perishable and non-perishable food items
    • Manages inventories of all food and food service items

    Clothing & Valet:

    • Care for luxury and designer clothing
    • Laundering and Ironing including proper care and storage
    • Knowledge of natural and organic products
    • Highly skilled in laundering, steaming, and ironing
    • Dry cleaning logs
    • Closet management systems and inventories including seasonal rotation of clothing
    • Closet organization and storage based on Principal’s preferences
    • Shoe and leather care
    • Spot cleaning care
    • Capable of sewing buttons and performing minor clothing repairs


    • Tending bar, wine and cocktail service
    • Silver Service Certified
    • Formal dinner planning and execution
    • Table settings and formal table service including French, English, Russian, and American Plated
    • Comfortable creating unique flower arrangements and working with floral warehouses
    • Knowledge and care for silver, china and crystal
    • Experience working with a high-end caterer to produce lavish events
    • Wedding planning including timing, procurement of necessary items and working with vendors
    • Hiring vendors: Rentals, lighting, staging, musicians, caterers
    • Yachting entertainment
    • Comfortable working with high profile guests
    • Organization of staff and security during events
    • Establishes amenity and gift wrapping processes
    • International perspective regarding etiquette and protocol
    • Cigar and Cognac service

    Grounds & Property:

    • Creation of seasonal task sheets for various property needs
    • Can zone the exterior of a home for consistent care and coverage
    • Knowledge of hazardous materials and chemicals and necessary safety measures
    • Supervision of vendors


    • New build experience (yachts and homes)
    • Hurricane planning including preventive maintenance measures
    • Establishes zoning, punch lists and task sheets
    • Knowledge of Smart Home technologies
    • Basic knowledge of tools and power tools
    • Inventories tools and commonly used products
    • Supervision of vendors

    Transportation & Travel:

    • Extensive personal travel experience, both domestic and international
    • Many years’ experience as Chief Stewardess onboard luxury yachts
    • Private jet and airport jet pickup/drop off
    • Automobile maintenance schedules
    • Packing/unpacking for travel
    • Itineraries, bookings, reservations, programming
    • Comfortable working with yacht captains and crew

    Safety and Protection:

    • Hurricane Planning including evacuation plans
    • Perform property walks to identify areas of concern
    • Risk factor awareness
    • Safety and protection planning
    • Security training
    • Visitor and vendor record logs
    • STCW95 and boater’s safety
    • First Aid and CPR training
    • Fire Safety training

    Personal Care:
      Child Care:

    • Degrees in Early Childhood Education
    • Experience as a nanny
    • Preschool teacher: infant to 5 year olds
    • Substitute teaching: PreK-6th grade
    • Tutoring and Homework help
    • Carpooling
    • Child care: menu planning

      Pet Care:

    • Pet sitting for short and long-term needs
    • Daily care of household pets including feeding, exercise, and attention
    • Schedules appointments for vet, groomer, trainer, etc.

      Guest Care:

    • Guest care and service
    • Guest concierge services
    • Guest amenities and gifts
    • Provides transportation to and from airport and local attractions
    • Creates itineraries based on personal preferences and desires
    • Identifies flavor profiles, favorites, likes & dislikes



    Household Manager-Denver, Colo

    Elder couple have set up a team of support staff so they are always covered. Couple travels a great deal, being supported by at least one of their staff, has multiple western homes.  Great position and benefits, live out.


    Household Manager- Connecticut and South Fla.

    Busy couple with grown children seek to change their life with making Florida their primary residence 4,000 sq ft.
    They have 4 homes, Conn, Florida, and 2 in south Hampden. Lots of dogs in this family, and they love entertaining.  Excellent position and salary.



    Certified Estate Manager/Chef

    Personal Statement:

    I have been a private service professional for about a third oof my 30-odd year professional life in hospitality. I have a passion for what I do, and have never considered not being in hospitality. My first memories of service happened in childhood. I remember making dinner with my older brother for our parents when I was only 5 and taking such pride in it. I also recall the magic of my grandfather’s club: napkin folds, polished silver, and professional service. I paid attention to the right way to set a table and found myself frustrated with my little brother, who would put everything in the wrong place.
    One of my first cooking jobs was at a rustic Massachusetts arts retreat, where, at 20 years old, I ran the kitchen. I have a lifelong relationship with the arts facility, starting as a child and recently spending six years on the Board of Directors. Working at Pinewoods taught me an acute awareness for the needs of others. My experiences there are the foundation of who I am professionally, and I continue to serve the facility as board member. I have served on the boards of other arts nonprofits, and understand the value of philanthropy, which in itself is a form of service.
    I attended the Culinary Institute of America, which led to positions in world-class restaurants and hotels. On my first day on the job at La Grenouille, the last of the old guard “Grande Dames” of New York City, every waiter stopped, introduced himself and shook my hand. I had never experienced such civility in the workplace, and it is a model that I have aspired to ever since. La Grenouille has been justifiably awarded a James Beard Award for service. Fantastic service flowed from how the staff was treated and how the staff treated each other.
    After working at The Jefferson, a luxury hotel in downtown Washington, DC, I moved into private service, initially as a chef, but then growing into a Household Manager. The first family I worked for was that of Kenneth Feld, the owner of Feld Entertainment. It was an exciting home to serve, as the family frequently entertained guests, and I wore both hats as chef and formal server. They loved being surprised and were excited by new things, and I grew tremendously.
    Eventually, I would go to work for Julian and Elizabeth Eisenstein, both retired professors. I spent four and half years with them. I then attended Starkey International Institute for Household Management to fine-tune my Household Management skills. I returned to the Eisenstein’s fulltime several years later when they were in their 90s. They needed someone they trusted, and this job became the most profound work I have ever had. When they passed away, I continued to work for the estate, managing the complexities of closing the home. There was mutual respect between us, something that is crucial for any service relationship.
    Currently, I work as part of a team of chefs serving the needs of a family here in DC area. . While I do not need to leave the position, I would like to get back to household and estate management. My management skills stem from a lifetime of serving others and a belief that bringing happiness to others matters. I am the go-to person within a home, paying attention to every minute detail and exceeding my principals’ expectations. I look forward to taking the depth of my knowledge to my next employers.


    Certified Household Manager/Chef

    Personal Statement:

    I was born in Washington D.C. in a Catholic family with an older brother and sister. My father’s family is Italian and my mother’s is Greek. My early childhood was spent in Maryland where I was surrounded by books, music and the freedom to be a child and explore the outdoors. Most days were spent building forts, exploring the woods and spending hours along the Potomac River. I have been very organized even since childhood and this has followed me into adulthood; I know the value of hard work and I feel my natural ability to organize and my common sense allow me to get the job done. I quickly learned that honesty and integrity combined with my ability and drive to work hard were valuable assets and staying true to these values would be the only way to succeed and have true pride in myself at the end of the day. My standards are high and I want to make sure my Principal’s expectations are met and exceeded. I take great pride in my work. Over the past twenty years, I have been fortunate enough to have been able to travel and do what I love to do, cook and explore. I have honed my skills over the years and have had the fortune to be able to work in fine dining restaurants, busy hotels and most importantly, for private families. Working in the private service field started with parties and catering events and the next natural step was to work in private homes and that is where my service heart has been ever since. I have been able to take care of the daily needs of my Principals, their family and guests. I have the natural ability to see what needs to be done, anticipate needs and fill them. My top three service standards are Culinary, Administrative and Housekeeping. Culinary: I have enjoyed cooking and entertaining from an early age. I started buying cookbooks in my early twenties, and then decided to attend Scottsdale Culinary Institute. After culinary school, the fire was lit and I was then able to learn from many creative chefs along the way. My experience after being formally trained turned into a quest for knowledge that led me to explore different avenues in the culinary world. I worked in many facets of the restaurant service industry including three catering companies, large hotels, many intimate restaurants, giving cooking demos at a resort, creating countless menus for service in many restaurants, working as a chef in pastry and seven years as a personal chef for a lovely family. I am able to utilize my skills and experience in the culinary field by being able to identify the needs of my Principals and their guests and surpass their expectations. I am able to cook all kinds of meals, orchestrate dinner parties and create memorable desserts and pastries. I am also able to organize the pantry/food storage areas to make sure healthy food is always available and at its best. I am able to set up for smaller parties, from flowers to music and everything in-between.


    Certified Household Manager

    I was born as an only child in Richmond, Va. I was raised by hardworking parents who
    instilled a hard work ethic from an early age. When I was 13 years old my father passed away
    from colon cancer. At the age of 15 years old I started working in restaurants to help my
    mother pay bills. Though some tough experiences early in my life, I am very grateful as it has
    helped me understand the importance of work ethic.
    My father worked and retired from DuPont & Company as a factory worker before he passed
    away and my mother worked at Dominion Virginia Power as customer service representative.
    Both worked very hard as I was growing up and I learned from a young age how working hard
    and doing things the right way could and will lead to a successful life. When I turned 17 my
    Uncle moved in with my mom and I after he had served in the Navy for 15 years. Through
    talking with him and hearing his stories, I knew the Navy was the place for me to not only get
    away from my hometown, but to serve my country and make a career.
    It has been my honor to serve my country over the last 18 years in the United States Navy as
    a Senior Chief Petty Officer. I currently serve as an Enlisted Aide to the Deputy Commander,
    United States Space Command. I have learned an incredible amount about leadership and
    service while serving in the Navy and while living the Navy core values of Honor, Courage,
    and Commitment. This career has afforded me the opportunity to learn and enhance my
    attention to detail and get it done attitude. I am very discreet and loyal. I am an integral
    member of multi-disciplinary teams, successfully navigating partnerships. My time as an
    Enlisted Aide has given me the opportunity to take care of multiple households, serving over
    11 General/Flag Officers and their families while holding a Top Secret security clearance with
    Sensitive Compartmented Information Access..
    I am self-confident and trusting. My military service taught me to be well-groomed and to
    have a professional appearance. I have leadership with a sense of purpose and I am able to
    efficiently communicate any tasks at hand, having a great ability to communicate and master
    the moment. My friends and family love my devotion and commitment while being light
    hearted and funny. Everyone knows if they are in need they can always count on me.
    My personal service goal is to ensure high-quality service is provided to all. I always feel my
    job should be accomplished to the highest of standards. I am proud to be a graduate of the
    Starkey International Institute for Household Management having earned the title of Certified
    Household Manager in accordance with a curriculum approved by the State of Colorado. I
    now understand what it means to be able to not only “Identify a Service Standard, or Vision,
    but to use that information in the creation of a Customized Service Delivery Plan. Perhaps
    this Customized Service Delivery System could serve your family.

    My top four Service Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping, Culinary, Entertaining

    ● Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt
    ● Agile Scrum Master
    ● Agile Project Manager
    ● Certified Technology Manager
    ● Intermediate Excel Professional
    ● Familiar with the use of PC operating systems – Microsoft Systems
    ● Experience managing and leading staff
    ● Manages schedules, calendars, household budgets, and vendors
    ● Creating menus, tasks sheets, and end-of-week reports through word and excel.
    ● Create and implement a service management plan and housekeeping plan
    ● Trained in the patented Starkey Service Management model

    ● Capable of zoning a home for cleaning and creating task sheets
    ● Able to clean according to zoning and tasks sheets
    ● Cares for high-end antique furniture, and oriental style rugs
    ● Keeping high standards of home cleanliness; ensuring the home is always ready for guests
    ● Knowledgeable on the use of specific cleaning and laundry products and their appropriate use

    ● Trained culinary chef – Certified American Culinary Federation, C.E.C (Certified Executive
    Chef) and Culinary Institute of America, PROCHEF 1
    ● Former Contracted Chef at the White House and British Embassy
    ● Awarded multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in American Culinary Federation
    ● Comfortable creating simple meals with everyday pantry items
    ● Familiar with vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, and low-carb diets
    ● Enjoys cooking any ethnic cuisines
    ● Capable of pairing food and wine

    ● Trained in American plated, French, Russian, and English styles of service
    ● Cares for crystal, china, and silver
    ● Coordinates and executes formal and informal entertaining events
    ● High standards for entertaining; executed 100’s of formal events for distinguished civilian
    government leaders, Admirals, and Generals.
    ● Working with many styles or themes; being able to take the principal’s ideas and turn them into
    the perfect event.
    ● Creates a desired ambiance in the home, based on a Principal’s standards
    Clothing & Valet:
    ● Launders and irons clothing and uniforms
    ● Specialty fabric, shoe, and leather care
    ● Capable of sewing buttons
    ● Able to rotate clothing for seasonal storage
    ● Organizes closets and packs for business and leisure travel

    ● Basic preventative maintenance of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and security/smart home
    systems (i.e. changing filters, bulbs, etc.)
    Property & Grounds:
    ● Maintenance of landscape – Able to manicure lawn, edging, and trim bushes
    ● Auto/Schedule or turn on outdoor irrigation, entry controls, lighting, sound systems
    Travel & Transportation:
    ● Experience serving on military-style private planes, etc.
    ● Experienced driver; Driving official military vehicles to get my principal to appointments on
    time and safely.
    ● Coordinates travel, international and domestic, including flights, hotels, ground transportation,
    restaurant reservations, etc.
    ● Coordinates vehicle maintenance schedule, insurance, and registration schedules. Keeping
    detailed records and being able to track on the calendar.

    Safety and Protection:
    ● Established top-secret government security clearance. (TS/SCI)
    ● Walks property daily
    ● Personal protection training and abilities
    ● Concealed Carry Permit
    ● Relevant Military training

    Child Care:
    ● Experience caring for children, new-born through teenager
    ● Coached multiple age groups for youth soccer teams
    ● Natural affinity and life experience with children

    Pet Care:
    ● Knowledge and experience of regular health maintenance for dogs

    Guest Care:
    ● Guest management for events – creating flavour profiles with likes/dislikes and allergies


    Certified Household Manager

    Top Standards
    My top five Service Standards are Administration , Clothing + Valet, Entertaining, Housekeeping, and Culinary

     My most important moral is Honor. Honor to me means honesty and integrity. Growing up my mother would, if she could, not tell my dad about things that would upset him. So, if I got a bad grade, made a mistake, or got in trouble at school she would most often not tell him. As a child, I liked this because it meant fewer punishments for me. However, as an adult, I now see that it taught me that it was okay to lie or be dishonest, if it saved you from future punishment. So, for a period of time towards the end of high school and beginning of college I did not always make the most honest choices, because I justified them in my mind. In hindsight I see that when I was not being my most authentic, honest self – I attracted dishonesty into my life. Thankfully, I learned this lesson sooner rather than later, and began the process of changing the way I think and making better choices.

    In 2017, I met the love of my life. He was wonderful in every single way, or at least I thought. About two and a half years into our relationship he admitted to me that he had been struggling with an opioid addiction on and off since high school (so about 15 years), despite being an extraordinary person. After the sudden death of his father (a couple years into our relationship), he relapsed, despite being sober for the beginning of our relationship. I truly had no idea, and I was devastated and confused as to how to navigate the situation. Ultimately, he did not have the ability to conquer his addiction in this lifetime, on this earth, and he passed away about a year after I found out about his addiction struggles. These life-changing experiences reinforced my dedication and focus on honesty and integrity throughout all areas of my life and career.

    As I get older and reflect more on myself and why I am the way I am, I realize how much my childhood shaped me and why I do the things I do. As a child, what I learned was that it was okay to be dishonest, if it saved you from future trouble or punishment. On the other hand, what adulthood has taught me is that Karma is real, and to always act in accordance with what is right. I have gone through periods where I was not my most honest self, and life was not good for me during those periods. From those parts of my life, I have truly learned the value of integrity, for me, not for anyone else. I now do my best to always be honest and always act in a manner that I am proud of, when the people are around and when I am alone. I hope to utilize my integrity, love of Service, and knowledge of the Starkey Service Management System to further improve the life of my future Principal, and be the best Private Service Manager I can be.




    Certified Household Manager

    My Top Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping, Maintenance,Entertainment

     I was born in Odessa, Ukraine which is on the Black sea coast. My father was a train and locomotive engineer/ driver, and my mother was a consumer goods expert. They both obtained technical degrees in technical colleges in my hometown. I enjoyed living in Odessa, Ukraine as it is a beautiful city with nice beaches and beautiful European architecture as initially it was built by Italians, French and Greeks. As it was and remains the large port on South of Ukraine it always draws merchants, student and foreign tourist. They still call it South Palmira. I attended very good schools and had been introduced to the English languish since I was a young girl which later on helped me to obtain my degree in language and literature.

    Since I was a teenager, I started to dream about traveling and had no idea how I could do that. My parents were not rich and worked hard to make sure that me and my brother got a good education and became good people. After I finished my studies, I did not have any money, or a job and I decided to work temporarily in the restaurant to practice my personal skills and had no idea that it will lead me to my long-life career in hospitality and Private Service.

    My parents were always working so I needed to grow up and at times to take care of my brother as he is 10 years younger than me. That was my beginning of service and taking care of others. Implementing simple tasks around the house simple cooking, laundry, cleaning on weekly basis.


    When I turned 22 I got my first job and then in 2 years, I was working in Europe on a cruise ship and two years after I was working off the coast of Texas, in the US in another cruise ship.


    I have been working on the ships since 2008 and then I gradually transitioned to working in the private home and have remained working in the private service industry till today.


    I have lived primarily in South Florida since I have moved to the US 20 years ago. It happened uninhibitedly as South Florida reminds me a much of my homeland. I always have the opportunity to go to the seaside and meditate at times. Being by the ocean side gives me energy and I always go back. I have been told for that matter that I will fit great on the East coast of the US. I intuitively know that I have a genuine service heart; I am a giver, and a people person.


    Working for a long time in Private Service has taught me, and advanced my confidence and ability to perform different tasks and think fast to make it happen.


    Is one of my strengths due to my experience with computers and software programs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Microsoft Outlook I currently use at work; I use the calendar aspect as much as the email portion of the program. I have over ten years of supervisory and management experience with teams of 10-15 or more members and have managed 15 or more vendors (pool maintenance, security systems, HVAC, wine cellars, etc.). I have the responsibility of creating and maintaining a budget, negotiated service contracts, gathering estimates and bids on projects, and ensuring they are carried out to satisfactory completion.




     I am directly responsible for oversight of the Housekeeping staff in my most recent position in private service. I have established / maintained cleaning zones and task sheets and personally ensure quality control for the cleaning of the entire 11,000 square foot property. I would not be capable of expecting that my staff maintain such high levels of performance if I didn’t hold myself to that same standard. I pride myself in my own housekeeping abilities and realize that I thrive in an exceptionally clean and organized environment. In addition, I have become very familiar with the luxury market and provide the best possible experience for our affluent clientele.  I am hands on and teach other personnel showing how and what needs to be done. I have a strong eye on details






    Over the many years and recently going through Starkey’s extensive Certified Household Management course, I have mastered different silver service styles, I have honed my passion for making an event better and more exciting that anyone could imagine. I very much look forward to coordinating weddings, rehearsal dinners, anniversary and birthday parties, corporate and fund raising events. I am accurately described by others as a systems woman with an eye for details, appreciation of value-added ideas and a burning desire to exceed all expectations. 


    Technical Skills Synopsis:



    ·         Familiar with the use of PC and Mac operating systems, specific software

    ·         Experience managing staff in the private home and at previous jobs in hospitality industry

    ·         Experience with vendors and contractors, architects for renovation projects, chooses vendors according to the tasks given by the principal

    ·         Supervised multiple renovation projects and worked closely with general contractor for quotes and execution of the projects according to the principal needs

    ·         Chose various products for interior design projects for the principal

    ·         Researched and purchased interior design items on the request of the principal

    ·         Made orders for the furniture and appliances, lights, etc.

    ·         Manages schedules, calendars, and household budgets

    ·         Trained in the patented Starkey Service Management model

    ·         Monthly bank account report

    ·         Performs certain monthly payments or different accounts


    ·         Capable of zoning a home for cleaning and creating task sheets

    ·         Cares for high-end antiques, artwork, and other collectible and valuable household items

    ·         Knowledgeable of specific cleaning and laundry products and their appropriate use

    ·         Purchasing and restocking proper cleaning products

    ·         Researching the products that are safe for pets and children



    ·         Comfortable creating simple meals with everyday pantry items

    ·         Familiar with cooking certain ethnic cuisines

    ·         Capable of pairing food and wine

    ·         Full grocery shopping


    Clothing & Valet:

    ·         Launders and irons clothing

    ·         Specialty fabric, shoe, and leather care

    ·         Capable of sewing buttons and performing minor clothing repairs

    ·         Rotates clothing for seasonal storage

    ·         Organizes closets and packs and unpacks for business and leisure travel

    ·         Has a great personal interest in clothing and fashion

    ·         Have a good knowledge of high-end brands of clothing, shoes, accessories and perfumes



    ·         Trained in the Ballet of Service Style

    ·         Event planning and organization

    ·         Trained in American plated, French, Russian, and English styles of service

    ·         Table Settings

    ·         Cares for fine crystal, china, and silver

    ·         Able to coordinate and execute formal and informal entertaining events

    ·         Create a desired ambiance in the home, based on a Principal’s standards

    ·         Knowledgeable floral arranging

    ·         Familiar with wines and spirits, purchasing any wines and spirits that requested by the principal

    ·         Cigar shopping and humidor care


    Property & Grounds:

    Safety and Protection:

    ·         Walks property daily



    ·         Basic maintenance of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and security/smart home systems

    ·         Repair and maintenance of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and security/smart home systems

    ·         List advanced knowledge of specific systems: Christon

    ·         Any kind of home maintenance from professional upholstery cleaning to professional stone cleaning

    ·         Close work with plumbers, electricals, installers, general contractors, audio and video specialists, drapery installers, painters, A/C specialists, etc.

    Travel & Transportation:

    ·         Experience serving on luxury yachts.

    ·         Capable of doing chauffeuring

    ·         Coordinates travel, international and domestic, including flights, hotels, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, etc.

    ·         Trained in Aircraft procedures and safety, inflight service of VIP. Corporate Aviation.  Cabin in service, food procurement, handling, prep0aration, galley safety, bed making, and caring for the cabin in flight.  Medical Certification in CP r, evacuation, live fire, ditching, hypoxia drill

    ·         Well-travelled and interested in traveling with the principal if needed

    ·         Performs basic vehicle and golf cars maintenance (oil changes, tire rotation, maintaining fluid levels, etc.)

    ·         Able to purchase a vehicle, golf cars according to the principal’s instructions

    ·         Coordinate’s vehicle maintenance schedule, insurance, registration, and licensure

    Pet Care:

    ·         Knowledge and experience of regular health maintenance of small dogs and cats.

    ·         Supervised or unsupervised animal medical care (administering medications) for principals’ pets: small dogs, cats.

    ·         Booking of flights and all necessary paperwork for pet’s travel with or without principals.

    ·         Familiar with working with commercial pet carriers

    ·         Comfortable working around pets

    ·         Took care of principal’s pets on multiple occasions

    ·         Close work with veterinarian on multiple occasions

    Guest Care:

    ·         Experience working in a home with frequent high level house guests

    ·         Level of concierge service offered: whatever guest requested- information was found and provides

    ·         Guest management (profiles, likes/dislikes, services and tourism offered, etc.)

    Child Care:

    ·         Experience caring for children, 2–5-year-old, baby-sitting, food preparation, giving a bath, putting to bed, outdoor walks without additional supervision.

    ·         Natural affinity and life experience with children






    Estate Manager/Personal Chef

    Top Standards:

    Available for short-terms Private Chef positions anywhere